Bulanglang Recipe


Bulanglang is very healthy and nutritious that contains different types of vegetables, it is different from Pinakbet because it is more watery and instead of Bagoong Alamang this recipe uses Bagoong Isda




  1. Wash thoroughly all vegetables.
  2. Boil rice stock in a large pot, add ginger, garlic, and tomato cook until tomato becomes soggy.
  3. Add kalabasa and simmer until kalabasa becomes mashy.
  4. Add sitaw, okra and sigarillas continue simmering until just cooked.
  5. Add deboned fried Fish, any kind of Fish and Pork.
  6. Season with to taste.
  7. Add Malunggay if available and cook until Malungay is just cooked.
  8. Serve immediately.


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