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It’s the Holiday Season! Celebrating this time of the year is never complete without festive food on the table. Whether it is potluck or food served by restaurants, there must be something glorious and mouth-watering to satisfy everyone, especially on Christmas Day and New Year. In this article, we will share the Top 15 Filipino Christmas Recipes finds that are best preferred by most families. This is also to give you an idea and plan ahead on what to prepare or get for your get-together parties.

Top 15 Filipino Recipes for Christmas and New Year

It’s the season to eat plenty and be jolly! This season is the perfect excuse to ditch your diet and stay happy with a full stomach. If you can, go the extra mile by having neat food plating and presentations to wow your guests, Family, and friends in your feast. Check our list below and make it your guide this Christmas and New Year.

Top 15 Filipino Christmas Recipes Ideas

  1. Lamb – Most people appreciate eating lamb only on special dates. The holiday season invites our taste buds to try exciting dishes such as the braised lamb shank. You can’t go wrong with featuring this at the center of the table. Serve it with Mediterranean vegetable stew with olive oil and mashed potatoes on the side.
  2. Rib Eye Steak – Ribeye steak that’s served with homemade chips, half a grilled tomato, a grilled flat mushroom and parmesan salad on the side may be a great full meal for Christmas. This dish spells everything celebratory.
  3. Ham – Almost every family celebrates Christmas and the New Year with ham on the table. The perfect ham is one that’s made with tender meat, sweet and savory pork. A special sauce on top would make the taste in perfect harmony.
  4. Ox Tongue – Ox tongue, in whatever cooking, tastes great during celebrations. The meat is tender and should be matched with really rich and spiced sauce to be a treat.
  5. Noodles / Soups – Noodles are not only served during birthdays. For most Chinese and Japanese, noodles should not be out of any menu when it comes to celebrating Christmas and the New Year as well. Eating long noodles symbolize having a long life and the simple stir-fry version would do just fine.
  6. Fish – Chinese experts proclaim that fish means abundance. The rest of the world followed so it has been customary for most families to include fish in their festive menu during holidays. Indulging in recipes with fish as the main star is believed to bring good luck.
  7. Round Fruits – Apples and oranges are often found on the table, as part of New Year’s old tradition. The number of round fruits depends on the belief, but it is mostly by 12 or 13. The shape of these fruits is seen to be like that of a coin. The sweetness of the juice is a plus.
  8. Christmas Cake – Cake for Christmas and New Year can be anything as long as it’s enjoyed by the family. The most popular one is the classic fruitcake that is made with cinnamon, tropical fruits, and orange blossom.
  9. Macaroni Salad – Salads are one of the easiest to make. For those who don’t like greens, macaroni salad becomes a top choice as it consists of savory ingredients such as chicken, ham, macaroni and cheese and sometimes pineapple. There are several versions of the macaroni salad. Adding mayonnaise is optional.
  10. Paella – If you’re not a pasta person, you might prefer rice. What’s a more celebratory rice variant than the Spanish dish called paella? Paella though is hard to cook and it requires long hours to prepare to get the perfect taste from the blend of ingredients on top of the fine grains of rice. Paella signifies wealth so it’s a must-have food for the New Year for people to stay healthy throughout the year.
  11. Roasted Chestnuts – Freshly roasted chestnuts have a special warmth that makes you want to eat more and more. Peeling it may seem troublesome but it’s worth the effort. Some stores offer already peeled chestnuts so you would not have the hassle to peel them one by one.
  12. Pizza – Pizza is the best comfort food to share on every happy occasion. It can be as simple and easy to bake as the margarita pizza (with tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil) to anything extravagant like pizza with fresh seafood as toppings.
  13. Wraps – Wraps are excellent cocktail snacks for holiday festivities. Fillings can be cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, beef slices, onions, mushroom, beans, etc.
  14. Chicken Wings – Any chicken dish is favored in any event. Chicken wings are tasty and easy to eat. If cooked or baked with amazing spices, there won’t be any leftovers by the end of the night.
  15. Ice Cream – For desserts, everyone is longing for ice cream. Feel free to excite your guests with unique flavors such as avocado, green tea, bubblegum, salted caramel, pistachio, and blueberry.

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Note: We just updated our list of these Recipes this October 2018. You can watch this video below or visit our Youtube Channel.

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