Ginataang Pusit Recipe

Ginataang Pusit

Ginataang PusitĀ it gets the pinkish to grayish color from the squid. The ingredients required to Ginataang Pusit are the following, garlic cloves, chopped onions, cooking oil, salt and pepper, coconut milk (ginataan), and squid (fresh, smaller ones are suggested).




  1. Clean the squid by removing the beak, ink sack and transparent backbone.
  2. Saute garlic, onion, and ginger for a few minutes then add the squid.
  3. Stir-fry for a few minutes again until the squid is slightly cooked.
  4. Then pour the coconut milk and season with salt and pepper, adjust the amount if necessary.
  5. Simmer again for a few minutes until the sauce is thick then add the green chili peppers.
  6. Don’t overcook so the squid won’t get too tough.
  7. Remove from fire and serve hot.


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