Lechon is to a celebration as to beer is for drinking parties. From Fiestas, Noche Buena, weddings, and almost any occasion are never ever going to be complete without this. It always manages to make any celebration grander, what with its crispy skin and its succulent meat, people are surely going to forget that there are other items on the menu and form a line straight up to the Lechon. Today, we will be looking at this Grand Lechon Recipe for you to follow in any upcoming celebrations.

How to Make Perfect Lechon Cebu

In this recipe, we will realize that yes, Lechon makes any celebration grander, but the preparation itself is grand as well. If you are from the provinces, you will actually have access to pigs in the backyard being prepared. However, if you don’t have access to live pigs, you can always go to the butcher shop and buy an entire pig prepared specifically for Lechon.

Below are the things to consider on preparing Lechon. The Ingredients and more.

  • After draining the pig, remove its innards and wash its insides, then take away its hairs by lightly burning it.
  • After making sure that all hairs are gone, wash the entire pig thoroughly again. Making sure that there are no traces of the insides and hair.
  • Seasoning the pig comes next and this involves mixing a lot of soy sauce, salt, garlic, onion, pepper and seasonings and washing the pig with this said mixture. Be very generous in this part.
  • Also, rub the pig inside and out with this mixture.
  • Proceed to stuff the stomach of the big with lemongrass to fight off its gamey smell and saw the pig close.
  • Skewer the pig with a bamboo pole and roast over charcoal. While it is roasting, you can brush it with vegetable or palm oil once in a while for it to have its distinct shine.
  • After it is roasted, you can now chop it and serve to your guests or have it brought whole to the grand table.
  • This is complicated but is very much a rewarding one. This is always going to be perfect in any celebration and will always be a favorite among Filipinos.

Lechon Cebu Recipe

It’s hard to pretend that before I eat the Lechon, I actually saw it first as a squealing, very much alive pig. Yep. That’s what spending your childhood during summers in the provinces does to you. You actually see farm animals slaughtered. To be eaten Later By you. 🙂

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How to Make Perfect Lechon ( Lechon Cebu)
Recipe type: Pork
Serves: 20
  • 1 whole native pig (live weight 18 – 20 kilos)
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • soy sauce
For the glaze
  • 1 liter of Sprite
For the stuffing:
  • 10 bundles of lemongrass (tanglad)
  • ¼ cup star anise
  • 6 pieces of laurel or bay leaves (cut into small parts)
  • 5 cups of crushed garlic
  • 2 kilos green onion leave
  • 8 pieces of halved saba bananas. (half-cooked thru boiling)
  1. First, shave hair follicles of the pig and remove the innards. Rinse the pig and make sure there are no more lumps of blood inside the stomach.
  2. Then rub the insides with salt and pepper including the body.
  3. Rub a little soy sauce on the inside belly of the pig.
  4. Stuff the belly with saba bananas, anise, green onion leaves, crushed garlic and laurel leaves.
  5. Next, stack the lemongrass the center stomach, and stitched the belly, making sure that no ingredients slip out.
  6. Skewer the pig with a mid-size bamboo and split roast over hot charcoal. Do not put the charcoal directly underneath the belly of the pig but over both sides, slowly churning the pig roast.
  7. While slowly roasting the pig, glaze it from time to time with sprite using a sponge. This will make the skin extra crispy.
  8. Roast for a couple of hours until the meat is tender. Do not overcook.

Lechon Cebu

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  1. How do I know when the pig is done? Can you give me some cooking times per weight.
    Also can you tell me how to build a cooking pit? How high are the side walls, etc

  2. I best suggest to use a meat thermometer. The only reliable way to measure the internal meat temperature, and to ensure you have reached a temperature high enough to make your meat safe to eat.

  3. I best suggest to use a meat thermometer. The only reliable way to measure the desired internal meat temperature, and to ensure you have reached a temperature high enough to make your meat safe to eat.

  4. How big is a bundle of lemongrass or how many stalks in a bundle of lemon grass? Someday I hope to recreate the fantastic taste of Cebuano “Lechon Baboy” here in the USA. While we don’t have saba available, we do have access to plantain which has a similar flavor. Lemongrass can be grown in the summer, so there is hope to approximate the legendary whole roasted pig of Cebu!


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