Pineapple Chicken Adobo


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Another popular dish in the Philippines and the other half of the debate regarding what really is the country’s national dish, this pineapple chicken adobo recipe is yet another evidence of this dish’s flexibility, a truly genuine Filipino trait.

Chicken Adobo with Pineapple

Originally made with vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaf and pepper, this pineapple chicken adobo recipe spins the original dish with pineapple and pineapple syrup not only to sweeten but also to enhance its already heavenly flavors. Partnered with rice to balance out its sweetness and sourness, this dish is very much a hit for old and young people alike and also a friendly dish to cook for beginners.

Pineapple Chicken Adobo Preparation

To start off, prepare the marinade which is made up of the vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaf and pepper. Adjust the amount of marinade to how much chicken you plan to cook and soak it in the marinade. Refrigerate the chicken and the marinade for 24 hours to give the chicken enough time to soak up the marinade and make it tastier. Once you are ready to cook it, take off the chicken from the marinade and leave the marinade sitting. Depending on how you want to cook the chicken, you can either fry the chicken first or put the chicken and the marinade mixture on a pot where you let it simmer. You then add store-bought pineapple tidbits and pineapple juice mixture or add cut pineapple which you bought from the supermarket. Let this pineapple chicken adobo recipe simmer for 2-3 more minutes and it is done.

Pineapple Chicken Adobo Recipe

Pineapple Chicken Adobo


Pineapple Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo with Pineapple
  • Author: Recipe ni Juan
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 45 mins
  • Total Time: 55 mins
  • Yield: 4
  • Category: Chicken


  • Chicken, cut into serving portions – 1 whole
  • Sweet Potatoes, diced
  • Pineapple slices – 1 can (225g.)
  • Pineapple syrup
  • Soy Sauce (silver swan) – 6 tbsp
  • Cane Vinegar (silver swan) – 6 tbsp
  • Black Pepper, ground
  • Onions, diced – 2 medium
  • Garlic, crushed and minced – 5 cloves
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil


  1. Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the garlic and onions until they become fragrant.
  2. Add in the chicken and Stir fry it until it turned almost brown.
  3. Add in the sweet potatoes, soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, pineapple syrup, sugar, and water enough to cover the chicken or depending on how dry or saucy you want your adobo to be. Let the mixture simmer until the chicken and sweet potatoes are almost cooked.
  4. Add in the Pineapple and simmer for another minute.

Eaten, as always, with rice, this pineapple chicken adobo recipe is perfect for dinner and lunch. This dish is also the perfect viand for bringing to picnics and long travels because of the preserving nature of the vinegar included in its mixture; thus, making it good for consumption long after it was cooked.

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