Kutsinta Recipe

Filipinos love Native Delicacies like Bibingka, and Kutsinta is one of them. Although this didn’t originate in the Philippines, it has been adopted as...
Yema Recipe

Yema Recipe (How to make Classic Yema)

Home to many native delicacies, Bulacan province is also where one of the well-loved sweets, Yema, originated. Urban legend says that during the Spanish...
Serving Tips for Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons Recipe (Homemade)

There are a lot of stories behind the origin of the Macaroons. Some say it dates back to the year 791 in France after...
Otap Recipe

Otap Recipe (Cebu Biscuit)

Aside from its Famous Lechon, Cebu is a popular destination among Filipino tourists, you will not be in want of delicacies which you can...
Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava Cake Recipe

The Philippines is a country that celebrates every occasion; birthday, anniversary, graduation, fiestas among others. It doesn’t matter what occasion is being held, you...

Suman Malagkit Recipe

Suman is a popular Filipino snack which is commonly served in the mid-afternoon. Aside from being a snack, it can also be considered as...
Ukoy recipe

Ukoy Recipe

This Ukoy recipe brings back memories of childhood where kids play in the backyard, sidewalks or vacant lots with the occasional snack vendor howling...
Liempo Estofado

Pork Liempo Estofado Recipe

Part of the reason why Philippine cuisine looks so diverse is that it is essentially a few main dishes with a variety of versions....
Bibingkang Bigas Recipe

Bibingka Recipe ( Homemade )

Though served any time of the year, you know it is already the Christmas season if more Bibingka Stalls start setting up in just about...
Callos Recipe Filipino Version

Callos Recipe Filipino Version

Our very own Callos Recipe (Filipino Version) is a version of the same dish that Spanish people have in Spain; obviously a product of...

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