Chicken Adobo with Pineapple

Pineapple Chicken Adobo

Another popular dish in the Philippines and the other half of the debate regarding what really is the country's national dish, this pineapple chicken...
Beef Caldereta Recipe

Beef Caldereta Recipe ( Kaldereta)

This Beef Caldereta recipe (Kaldereta)  gives you a know-how on preparing this hearty dish. Beef Caldereta or Kaldereta is also known as the beef...
Papaitan Kambing Recipe

Papaitan Kambing Recipe

The Original Papaitan na Kambing is one of the most popular dishes in the northern Philippines specifically the Ilocos region.  It is made up of...
Adobong Dilaw Recipe

Adobong Dilaw Recipe

Adobo is already perfect on its own including the Adobong Dilaw Recipe. After all, it isn’t considered by most Filipinos as the national dish...
Arroz Valenciana

Arroz Valenciana Recipe

This Arroz Valenciana recipe is much like Paella. This Filipino Recipe employs coconut milk, malagkit (glutinous or special almond), boiled eggs, and chorizo. Arroz Valenciana...
Pinoy Spaghetti

Filipino Spaghetti Recipe

This Filipino Spaghetti recipe is the star at a birthday party or any other festive celebrations in the Philippines. It would always excite the...
Callos Recipe Filipino Version

Callos Recipe Filipino Version

Our very own Callos Recipe (Filipino Version) is a version of the same dish that Spanish people have in Spain; obviously a product of...
Ginisang Monggo Recipe

Ginisang Munggo Recipe

Ginisang Munggo recipe is also called a "Mung Bean Stew" recipe. In the Philippines, a country where vegetarianism is not popular, Ginisang Munggo is...

Polvoron Recipe – Filipino Style

Polvoron is a candy made up of flour, butter, sugar and powdered milk. This Filipino candy brings back memories of childhood in most Filipinos...
Barquillos Recipe ni Juan

Barquillos Recipe (Filipino Style)

Roll in the deep tang of the all-time Filipino favorite, barquillos. This Barquillos Recipe is originally from the Spanish, these wafer and biscuit rolls...

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