Tinapa Recipe ( Filipino Homemade Smoke Fish)

Homemade Tinapa Pinoy Recipe

Though Tinapa is very much accessible in the country, it is also possible for one to cook it at home. Tinapa recipe mainly involves the process of washing the fishes and putting it in brine for an extended amount of time (usually 5 – 6 hours)




For the Brine:

  1. In a large bowl or small bucket add warm water and dissolve the salt.
  2. Clean the fish and add the brine onto the fish.
  3. I just use our kitchen sink for this (make sure your sink is clean and rinsed thoroughly).
  4. Let it brine for 1 hour while stirring the brine every ten minutes.
  5. The rule of thumb: brine the fish for ½ an hour for every half inch (thickness) of fish.
  6. After an hour remove the fish from the brine, rinse it well, and set aside.

The Smoker:

  1. Depending on your smoker, the best way to do this is to keep the fish away from the heat source as much as possible.
  2. Place your fish on the rack and add your wood chunks to the heat source.
  3. Cover the smoker and let it smoke for 1 ½ hour.
  4. You will need to add wood chunks every 20 minutes to keep the smoke going.
  5. Enjoy your freshly made Tinapa.
  6. Serve with fresh tomatoes and onions and don’t forget the garlic flavored vinegar dipping sauce.


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