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Filipino cuisine is a magical thing. From centuries of exposure to different cultures, we have developed our very own, unique way of cooking. From the Chinese Pancit to the Spanish Empanada, we have infused everything with our own brand of flavor that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

It is said that the Filipino way of cooking began with our ancestors. Back then, boiled, steamed, and roasted food were the norm. No wonder some of our best-known local cuisine fall under these categories — Lechong Baboy/Manok as well as our various soups and sarsa, and more.

The Chinese brought us rice, and introduced it as our staple food. What else is better after a long hard day of work than a plate of steaming rice and a bowl of your favorite dish? We have learned to prepare rice in various ways. We have also learned to prepare rice cakes, as well as a variety of food items that have rice as its central ingredient.

Various influences from our neighbors brought about the appearance of condiments such as the Bagoong, Patis, and the like. They also taught us to use Coconut Milk, which is delectable in Ginataan. Indian influence taught us puto and some other dishes.

The Spanish came, and the Arroz Caldo, Longganisa, and Chorizo entered our diet. These food items had since experienced a Filipino twist, and they have proven that they were here to stay. They also brought the use of chili, tomatoes, potatoes, and corn — some of the most common ingredients of present-day Filipino cuisine.

Wouldn’t you want to learn how to cook these marvelous dishes?

Recipe Ni Juan takes care of your culinary fix by bringing you the most mouthwatering Filipino and Asian recipes. You will also find dashes of Global Cuisine, to give you a wide variety of choices. You will also find a few tips to help you in your cooking. Best of all, it’s available to you free of charge — all you need is Internet access! No subscriptions, no data-wasting pop-ups. Just all you need to create your very own mealtime blockbuster, served in a clean and easy-to-navigate format.


Most of the entries on this site are adapted from existing recipes, with minor changes to suit them better to taste. You will also find a few of my original recipes. Feel free to use them as a reference (But Please Give Credit and post our Link as a source or reference) for whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen. There’s no recipe too complicated to learn here — Recipe Ni Juan gives you all you need about a dish, from its history to the measures of its ingredients.

Recipe ni Juan’s Goal

My goal is for this site to serve as a repository of recipes for every Filipino, here and abroad. We have a lot of OFWs who may just be craving for a savory pot of Kare-Kare or a few helpings of their favorite Beef Salpicao. Now, you have a one-stop shop for all your Filipino food cravings, thanks to Recipe Ni Juan. Don’t let being away from home keep you from satisfying your taste buds! Now you can do everything on your own, with step-by-step instructions to follow.

The site is divided into several Categories, to make it easier for you to navigate. You can choose between Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Vegetable recipes and many others besides. You can also search easily for Dessert items. On the right hand side of the Homepage, you will see several of the most popular cuisines and categories — perfect for those times when you just couldn’t decide what to cook.

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I hope that you enjoy browsing through this site as much as I enjoy making it. This is a passion of mine, and it is my pleasure to share it with everyone. Be sure to tell your friends, and check back often for the latest and hottest Filipino dishes!

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